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The language of leasing is easy to understand when properly explained. We've attempted to simplify many of the questions that typically arise when leasing is a consideration. Use this newcomer's guide as a road map to help broaden your understanding of automobile leasing.

What's the difference between leasing and buying a car?

Leasing is just another way to finance the new vehicle of your choice. For many, it's a more convenient way. When you lease, a trained lease manager arranges all the details at monthly rates that meet your budget. What you're paying for is transportation service. In brief, leasing gives you all the advantages of ownership without the responsibility.

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Is leasing mainly for big businesses?
No. Individuals can enjoy the same advantages that make it smart for businesses to lease: convenience, accurate records, small cash outlay, and continuing transportation service.

How many kinds of leases are there?
Many. A lease can be tailored to fit almost any kind of budget and driving requirement. It all depends on what you want - and what you want to pay.

What if I want to keep the car longer than the lease period?
Most lease contracts contain an arrangement for the extension of the lease, or for the purchase of the car when the lease ends. What if I want to get out of the lease? You always can, although there are usually early termination costs included in the lease contract.

How much does it cost to start leasing?
There is no set fee. With established credit, you may only be required to make the first monthly payment, plus a refundable security deposit.

Are there any reasons to lease?
If you claim car expenses as tax deductions, leasing provides accurate records of your transportation costs. Also, your car costs become a monthly expense, rather than a capital expenditure that has to be depreciated.

Is it less expensive to lease?
Not necessarily. It all depends on what you lease, for how long, and from whom. And, of course, what the lease includes. Generally speaking, monthly lease payments aer less than payments resulting from a purchase contract.

How can I tell if leasing is for me?
Come in, call us, or send us email about your transportation requirements. We know all the in's and out's of leasing so we'll give straight answers to all your questions.

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